Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mini-Comic Day

Things are calm out west in Peoria. I had a good week, then Saturday arrived (more on this later).

- --Finished 3 more Cousin Harold strips, so I have about a month buffer. I'm not sure if many of you know, but I do Cousin Harold as a webcomic for 2 reasons. 1st because it keeps me producing comics so that I always have a next issue in the works. I feel that post a little over a page a week gets me to produce enough comics to publish 3 issues a year. then 2nd reason is that I'm probably never going to visit some of these foreign countries where people are reading my webcomic, so this is a way to give people around the world a chance to read my comics.

- -- Saturday! The 2nd Saturday in March is Mini-Comic Day. I'm not sure how many people know this or how many people take part in this event around the world, but I discovered the event 3 years ago and have had an awesome time each year creating a book on this day. Essentially the goal is to write, draw and produce a mini-comic within 24 hours. My goal is to make a 8 page mini-comic story, plus cover in those 24 hours. This year I completed my goal in a little over 14 hours. Rather than talk about it, I though I would share you a bunch of pictures from that day.
 I woke up around 3am, took a shower, ate breakfast and started with a blank page. 
Within an hour I had a story written and the layouts complete.
 I hate my handwriting, so I digitally letter everything. However on Mini-Comic Day I find that it is easier to print off my lettering on label paper and stick the lettering to the page, then draw around it.
 I updated my progress all day through social media. Every time I added a page, I took a new picture. This picture is the last one, all 8 pages and cover are featured.
 At Kinko's (FedEx, I can't believe I still call it Kinko's) I used my copying machine magic to turn my pages into a book.
At home folding and stapling the books together.
The Finished Product! (Again this was all done in 14 hours, very proud of my accomplishment). Also this is the first book for my 2016 Kickstarter, want a copy consider backing my project only 1 week left.

So while the rest of the week was good, but Saturday was GREAT. There is nothing like the feeling I get from making a comic, except making a comic from start to finish in one day.
- --Comic of the week. I'm a mark for Chris Bachalo, but this Jason Aaron guy who is writing the Doctor Strange book has me going "WOW!"  Doctor Strange #6 was Amazing. I felt like a little kid again reading this wondering how the good doctor is going to overcome the obstacles that have been placed in front of him. I have not felt this way since the Master of Evil storyline in the Avengers back around issue 260. I highly recommend this series.

That's all for this week. 

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