Sunday, April 3, 2016

Back on the Toy Grind

After the marathon week of comic making I'm back to my normal schedule and I feel a little lazy.

- --Work continues on what will be Cousin Harold #10. I usually do about 5 strips a week, which makes up a page to a page and a half. The storyline started running online recently you can check it out here.
- --The Zia Record charity book was announced this week, You Read Us Back When Volume 1. I did a 2 page color Cousin Harold story for this book. On April 16th bounce down to any of the Zia Records locations and get a copy. Also there are talks on a signing at one of the Zias that day. I'm planning to be there and will let you know more information when I know.
Back to making toys or at least trying. Very frustrating, but I'm getting there. The bodies for what I'm calling Ralph Ratt Esq (who will be part of my Cartoon Gentlemen line) came out really good. His arms are another story. I only have 1 usable are at this point, but I will keep trying.
 - --Comic of the week hmm.-- Patience by Daniel Clowes. Clowes always delivers an outstanding comic story. If you have not read anything by him I suggest you start. I actually finished reading this last week, but nothing this week really hit me. 

Take care until next week,


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