Sunday, March 27, 2016

Preparing for Free Comic Book Day

Okay so Free Comic Book Day isn't until May, but I spend my spring break every year drawing the story that I will give away at Free Comic Book Day, so that is all that is on my mind at this time..

- --This will be my 6th year preparing a book for Free Comic Book Day. I'm super proud of this accomplishment. More information will be coming on my Free Comic Book Day appearances.

- --This week I created what would usually be a month's worth of work. Not really much else went on, so I think I will just give you a couple teasers (some of my favorite panels).
- --Comics for the 5th volume of the Comics Never Stop newspaper were due yesterday and they look awesome. The next paper would be out the first weeks of May.
- --This weeks comic IH'KIS created by my pal Wil 'Reset Survivor' Hines. Awesome work by a truly unique talent. You can read the series here.

Okay that is it for this week.

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