Sunday, April 17, 2016

Quiet Week for Comics

So while my personal life has been a CrAzY Roller Coaster this week (really this year), comic work has been kind of quite.
- --The big event for this week was the signing at Zia Records on Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came out and bought a book, You Read Us Back When. It seriously looks Awesome and I'm honor to have been a part of this project. If you haven't purchased a copy, they are only available at Zia Records,. Stop in an pick one up.
- --Made some progress with the Space Mummy. I like the head sculpt that I have made. So now I will try making a mold that works (got some lessons this week from friends). Keep your fingers crossed for me.

- --Making progress on Cousin Harold 10. Things are going at a nice pace and the book should be ready for the San Diego Comic Con. Also still folding my Free Comic Book Day offerings, I printed 200 of these books. I'm also taking a page out of my pal Eric Mengel's playbook and working on Cousin Harold 11 at the same time. CH 11 will feature many of the short works I have been doing this year for other publications (the Zia book, Comics Never Stop strips and the FCBD edition). Fun fact, I actually have more of 11 done than 10 at this point.
- --Comic of the Week, Sooner or Later by Milligan, McCarthy and Hewlett. It is so nice to see this collection of these excellent comics from the 80's. Milligan and McCarthy made so awesome books during the 80's and these comics were a pain to track down (mostly because they are one pages in 50 different 2000AD issues from that era. Also Jamie Hewlett is my favorite creator (I had already tracked down all of his issues). Great book, I might even read it again today if I have the time.

Until next week - Take Care,


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