Monday, August 4, 2008

A Sunday Outing

After my post on Sunday, I went out with my wife and kids for a family outing. My children are really into those blind box vinyl toys, and other cool arty type things. We had heard about this store called Red Hot Robot, so we headed out to check this store out. I found it to be very cool and had a nice mix of vinyl toys and magazines/books on the subject (plus T-shirts, prints and more.) They were also nice enough to let me leave a handful of my mini-comics there. So if you live in the Metro Phoenix Area check the store out and pick up a copy of my mini while your at it. The store had an art showing coming up, check it out.
Before we headed out on our little family adventure, I did my usual Sunday Morning blog reading, which consists of the blogs listed in the Artist Links section to the left. While I was trying to create this new link section as I went through my favorites list, I realized that I basically only had comic book pros as my links list and began to think is there anyone else who is not a pro and does work that I like. At that moment the name ERIC MENGEL entered my head. Eric has been doing mini-comics in Arizona since the mid 90's and I have always been a big fan of his work and work ethic, this boy loves to create comics. So I added a link to his blog to the list and shot him off an email, wondering in he had seen any of my minis. When I got home that evening after stopping at way more stores than planned, I check my email and there I found a response from Eric. He stated he had read my first 3 minis and that he really loved my Pass-It-On idea, which had inspired him to leave the comics at the blood bank after he was finished reading them. Hearing this bit of information filled me with joy, someone understood what I was trying to get at with the mini comics and the Pass-It-On idea. I went to bed last night a proud poppa.

If you have picked up my minis anywhere and then passed them on, please send me an email and let me know where you left the comics.

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