Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Week in Review

It seems as though I had been saving up my energy for the San Diego Comic-con, because this week I have felt extreme exhaustion since return from the convention. I talked to a buddy of mine this week he also pointed to a similar feeling, but he did not attend the convention nor does he read comics, maybe it is just something in the air.

I dropped off issue #4 (cover below) around town yesterday. I will be looking for new places to drop off my book in the future, if anyone has any suggestions of comic friendly places in the Phoenix Metro area, I would love to hear them.Progress update. I had spent most of this week finishing up issue #4, and working in my sketchbook on the online strip for next year. I plan to put some sketch book scans up next weekend. The art for Issue #5 is done, I will finish the first half of issue #6 on Monday, hopefully with some scans to follow next week. The rest of the week will be spent sketching as my day job starts back up on Tuesday (I am mathematics teacher.)

I promised to mention some of the books I read this week.

First - I would like to point to The Kat Who Walked in Beauty by George Herriman. This book reprints then 1920 dailies at a very readable and enjoyable size (this book is huge.) I had a great time reading this book and my son, who is 9 years old, is looking forward to reading it soon. This book is available through Amazon, Fantagraphics and probably many other sources.

Second - I read the Pop Gun Anthology Vol. 2. I enjoyed this book a little more than the first one, and discover a new artist whom appear to appeal to me, Marley Zarcone. The link is to her deviantART page, she has a website, but it does not appear to have been updated for over a year. Her story Scummy in the book was a nice little treat. She is definitely an artist I would like to see more work from. The book is available at Amazon and probably your local comic shop.

Third - I read Wonton Soup by James Stokoe. This book has been on my want list to check out for awhile now, and I finally ran across a copy in San Diego. I got a kick out of the last chapter which is a cook off battle between the main character and this cool looking alien twins. I am looking forward to finding out more about James' work. The book can be picked up at Amazon, Oni Press or your local comics shop (it is probably filed in their manga section.)

That is it for book mentions for this week. Something strange happened as I was researching where to pick up this books, It appears that James and Marley at some point belonged to or hung out in the same artist group called Yosh Collective (which includes Brandon Graham and Corey Lewis, both artist are artist who's work I have enjoyed in the past. I actually just ordered two of Brandon's books off Amazon, because I have not been able to locate them locally or at the convention.)

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