Saturday, January 31, 2009

Issue #7 in the Shops

I dropped off issue #7 around town today. Red Hot Robot, Atomic Comics, Stalking Moon and Drawn to comics. To find out more about these fine shops take a look at this older post with links to their websites.

The weekly strip is coming along nicely. I am enjoying getting work done and out at a little faster pace. Week 5 is done, and just needs one final read through. Weeks 6 and 7 are on my kitchen table as I speak and should both be finished by next Friday. I just realized with the completion of week 5. I have enough work to publish issue #8 of the mini (scheduled for first weekend of April.) While I am not planning on moving issue #8 publication date. I might try to put out the mini every 6 weeks or even monthly after the April issue.

Lets talk a little about the Week 4 strip. I was amazed at the differences in the art for the ducks from this strip and the ducks first appearance back in issue #5. I am very excited to see my art making so many changes and improving. I hope it continues. With this being said I noticed that Officer Ted's nose in the week 7 strip is quite different than previous drawings. I am hoping this is a natural evolution of the character or my art, and not just a strip full of bad drawing. I guess only time will tell.

Well that is about all for this week.

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