Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Late

It's late...but the new ideas will not stop coming. This week my brain has been like a faucet that will not shut off. I have new ideas for Get That Chicken, as well as ideas for some other short form comics, that I would like to try my hand at. I even came up with a cool cover idea for issue #8 the incorporates the beginning of the online strips into it, while driving around town today. Now all I need is for Apple or Sony or one of the other large tech corporate to invent an device to extended the time in a day and I would be set. Oh well, I should have time to flesh out some of these items over the next couple of months if not at the latest their is the summer.

I'm hoping to print up issue #8 in the next couple of weeks for a mid march release and then try to release a new issue every 6 weeks after that. The response for readers locally has been awesome.

I am also hoping to spend some time over Spring Break get the word out online about this strip.

At this time, week 9 is done and week 10 sits pencilled on my art desk (read as "the kitchen table".) With Spring Break mid March, things are looking good for me making it weekly through April 1st.

That's all for this week.

Take care,


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