Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crunch Time!

Wow! I do not know where to begin this week. I have had an extremely busy week.

First, I found out that my 9 week extra class is actually 10 weeks. This means that I have one more week until I get my weekday evenings back and can use the time to sketch and work on the weekly strip. Second, I decided to take a short trip next weekend, with my wife and kids, to Las Vegas to visit my wife's sister. I thought it would make a nice spring break trip for all of us. These trips leads to the third and forth items. Third, due to the trip I have to get ahead 1 week on the strip, which would have been easy but the extra week of work from my day job has complicated that. Fourth, I realized Vegas has a ton of comic shops, which means there are new places to leave my book. So rather than leaving old issues I decide to print up issue #8 and release it on my Vegas trip. Wow that is a lot of stuff going on, but I am keep it all in order quite well.

Printing issue #8 was a little bit of a problem this week. It appears the old copying machine, which I have been using through a friend, was never designed to make legal size copies. So while the machine made the earlier issues #1-3, without much of a hiccup, the later issue have been quite a pain. I don't think it like the large paper at all.

On Friday night I attended First Friday's on Roosevelt Row. Myself and family had a great time. tons of artist. If you are in the Phoenix area on the first Friday of any month I suggest you check this event out. I was very excited hearing all the music. For those of you who do not know I have an 80gb iPod which is filled with music. I mostly listen to Hip-Hop/Rap but love DJ music and some Industrial. I discover a new rapper, at least to me rapping on the front porch of one of the houses, 2mex. Give him a listen if you like underground hip-hop/rap. I also enjoyed the many drums and wanted to sit and listen to this bluegrass group, but my family was not having it. All i all it was a good night and I am looking forward to more First Friday's. Maybe next time I will even snap some pictures to up load. I had my camera with me last night, but did not see the purpose of snapping picture until right know.

That is probably enough babbling for this week. On with the plugs - Look for the weekly strip early next week on Saturday morning. If you live in Las Vegas look for my freebie minis at your local comic shops. Hopefully I will have a list next week of the shops I left the books at. As for people in Phoenix look for issue #8 in about 2 weeks.

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