Sunday, April 5, 2009

Obstacles and Roadblocks

If you are working on a weekly comic strip, chances are many things can get in the way of you complete the strip on a timely and regular basis. This week the following things have gotten in my why at various times:

1) Police issues. The police invading my neighbors house due to a stolen vehicle, which kept me from drawing for a couple of hours. I was a little to afraid to sit with my back to the back door glass sliding door, just in case someone tried to escape through my house.

2) Technology issues. My mouse was given me trouble all week. It finally crapped out midday on Saturday, it took me about 30 minutes to realize that it was the mouse and not something else with the computer.

3) Family time. It was the first Friday of the month an my family and I always go down to the First Friday's even on Roosevelt Row. We also decide to take in a Roller Derby match on Saturday night. Both of these family events would not have caused much of an issue if not for the time lost in 1 & 2.

After thinking back over the situation of the week. I had planned everything fairly well as time measured up, but once the two events from 1 & 2 happened, I was behind. At one point I did not think I would get the strip done this week.

The good news is I just finished the strip and will be posting it in the AM. I need to read it over once more with some fresh eyes. Last week I had finished my strip early and never gave it the final Sunday morning read. Upon reading it today I found that I had made some serious errors in the text. I had switch the two officers names. Oh well, the great thing about the Internet is it is easily fixed.

Well I think that is enough rambling for this week.

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