Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Phoenix Comicon Recap Part 2 (of 5)

For the rest of the week I will take a look at some of the Comic Booty I picked up at the Phoenix Comicon.

First - I wold like to mention a book I picked up down in Tuscon at the Tucson Comic-Con by my pals Eric M. Esquivel of Modern Mythology Press, Horrible Little People. The book made a proper splash at the Phoenix Comicon. These boys are on the rise and they have mad talent, check them out.

Next - A big shout out to Madame M and her Super Vamp strip. She had a ton of cool goodies: candy blood, t-shirts and also debut a Super Vamp comic in the shape of a coffin. Cool stuff! If you haven't checked out Madame M's work, you are missing some fun stuff.

Finally - The last item for today is a book by two friends of mine, Thomas Healy and Albert Morales from Fiction House Mafia and their book El Monstrou. I have been waiting to read this book for several months and will still have to wait a bit more. But to wet my appetite, they had an Ashcan Edition of El Monstrou available at the Comicon. After seeing the ashcan, I realized that this book is going to be big and I do mean BIG. I think it might even be able to compete on the national scene. Albert's art is awesome and I cannot wait to see the finished book. I'm not just saying this because the two are friends of mine, I was totally shocked by how good this book looked. (Below is the cover and one of the interior pages.)

Well that's all for today. Check back tomorrow for more goodies from the Phoenix Comicon.

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