Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Phoenix Comicon Recap Part 3 (of 5)

Today I think I will start with a new find from the Phoenix Comicon.

I have never heard the name Meredith McClaren before but one look at her 3 minis had me reaching for my wallet, ready to spend my hard earned money. She had 3 books available at the show: A sketchbook from 2009-2010, Chase and Anya and Spider. While they were fairly quick reads, her art asks to be viewed slowly and multiple times. She utilizes a super clean line, tones and soft colors. Awesome stuff!

(Meredith McClaren)

The second item today is not a new find. I originally purchase The Green Monk by Brandon Dayton back in December 2009. The book was excellent, Brandon's art is even better. The Phoenix Comicon gave me a chance to meet Brandon. However after reading the Twitter follow ups, post con, most of the other creators did not even realize he was at the con.

More tomorrow...


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