Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY COMIC - Coming Soon

     Since the Phoenix Comicon (and even a little before) I have had several people ask me for advice on how to go about making their mini-comics, the physical books. After 2 successful years of the DIY Comics Panel (with my pal Eric Mengel) at the Phoenix Comicon, I thought there is more I can do with this.

     So that what I have decided to do, more. I'm going to start with construction of the physical books, discussing paper choices, etc. and see where I can go from there. Not sure if I'm really going to talk about actual story creation, but I might give pointers on how to digitally letter, use Zip-A-Tone, etc. I think I would like to focus more on the 'tools' of creation rather than 'how to' create (but there is some 'how to' in using those tools.)

     I'm also not really sure how much or how often I can update the material for this section. So I'm starting with just a basic goal of 1 update per month, probably toward the end of the month. I already have the first post planned and will be posting it shortly. Which will be posted on the main blog and archived on the DIY Comic page.

     What would you like to know? Are there any questions that I should tackle first rather than last?

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Unknown said...

This is fantastic news! I love the whole process behind DIY books. I really like the paper selection you put out for your books. It definitely adds to the "feel" or character of the book. Can't wait for the updates!