Monday, July 16, 2012

San Diego Comic Con - Quick Thoughts!

Eric Mengel, Myself and Albert Morales as we arrived
 at the convention center on the hotel shuttle bus.

Eric and I drawing at the Cartoon Art Museum booth. 
(We were small fish in a big pond 
- kinda scary but I think we rocked it.) 

My 2 Thoughts about SDCC2012 

Comics are alive and well at SDCC - however it is
not really a place for new comers to make their mark. 
It is more a seasoned veterans arena. With that said I still 
found some cool new books that I look forward to reading
 and sharing with you over the next month or so.

I heard many seasoned pros say that this is their last con. 
It kinda made me sad and I definitely skipped buying books 
from those I heard saying this. 

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