Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 - What A Year!

Wow! What a year I have had! After this year I really feel blessed to be involved with the people that I call my friends. Plus I have an awesome wife and two good kids (they are the best teenagers they can be.) 

Let's take a look back at 2012 (the major points)

The year started off pretty quick with the Amazing Arizona Comic this point I did not have a new Cousin Harold book to offer (the webcomic had only been going about 3 months.) So I quickly put together the first Cousin Harold Special (the blue book) to offer as a Limited Edition Convention Exclusive.

The end of May arrived quick and it was time for the Phoenix Comicon and the release of Cousin Harold #1. I also appeared on two panels this year with my partner in comics Eric Mengel. It was my best show to date. Glad to find out that I have been invited back for the 2013 show.

I was honored (and shock) to find myself (with Eric Mengel) in the middle of the San Diego Comic Con Floor at the Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco, drawing for charity. I drew a couple Spider-mans and a Red Power Ranger (on request).

The year ended with me tabling at the Tucson Comic Con and releasing Cousin Harold #2 out into the world (the book had been out for about a month at this point, but this was my first major public appearance since it's release.

After the Tucson Comic Con, I had thought I would finish the year creating Cousin Harold Comics for the web, but I was wrong. I received an email asking me to create a comic for the back cover of the Vista Production Groups second book. It was an honor to creating this piece and appear at Jesse James Comics to help promote it. 

Wow! What a year! and those were just the major events. I left out all of the in-store appearances, the bonus mini-comics and the trip to LA with the Fake Japanese Book.

Seriously 2012 was a great year, but guess what - the plans for 2013 look even better.

Thank you for all your support and kind words through out the year. I hope you will stick around through 2013 and beyond to enjoy what happens next.


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