Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Plans

I have a whole lot of AWESOME plans for 2013!

Let us start with Cousin Harold. Besides keep the strip 3 days a week, I will be introducing some Holiday Specials which will feature stories 5 days a week. I have 2 big storyline planned. In one I will attempt to do something that can only be done online I think it is a unique idea, that has not been done yet, but with the massive amount of webcomics, who knows? (Look for this story to start mid-March.) The other one is planned for the summer and will feature 7 updates a week for the whole summer. (A quick peek at my schedule tells me that this will not begin until mid-June, but I will attempt to move it up a couple of weeks.)

I'm also planning on printing issues 4 and 5 during this year (issue 3 is at the printer as I type this.) I also plan on having a Giant-Size Special collecting all the mini-comic stories into one book. (Maybe even Coloring one of the stories which was originally in Black & White.)

Next is Jenny Spookawski, who should be back in a big way in 2013. As I'm typing this, the finishing touches are being put on the first of three mini-comics featuring her. I plan on releasing a issue at each of the following convention - Amazing Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson. The minis will be Black & White and eventually collected in Color for 2014. I think I have this character right this time, I know I'm really enjoying the art and the story is a perfect fit.

And Last but not least I have some plans for our good friend the Chicken. I was hoping to put a Summer Fun Special together, but I just don't think the time is there. So be looking for a 24 page Color/Black & White book probably this fall, maybe even as late as winter. Believe me I haven't forgotten this character.

As for Lollygaggin' Adventure, there are no plans for this year, but I'm hoping to include them in a project I have planned for 2014. I also started doodling in a sketchbook, with plans of assembling a book feature some of the things I'm doing in the sketchbook. Don't count on this being release anytime soon, but who knows what will happen.

So 2013 looks to be a productive year for me, Check back in December and see what has happened.

Thank you for your support and Enjoy,


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