Sunday, July 9, 2017

Always Something Going On

It has been HOT out here on the south side of Peoria, record breaking HOT! And this heat has been messing with my productivity. Hoping to get on my grind a little harder this last few weeks of summer. Thinking about pulling some late nights.

- -- I'm so thankful that my family puts up with me. I do not have actual space for my creative energies, so I have to take space where I can find it. This is 1/3 of our kitchen table.
There are at least 4 different figures at some point in the creation process in these piles. Seriously though I'm working on way too many projects at one time.

- -- The San Diego Comic Con is coming up and while I'm not tabling this year I'm still putting together some stuff for the show. First up is the Cousin Harold SDCC Special. This is a collection of 3 of my favorite stories.
Sent this off to the print this past week and if all works out, I should have them to hand out at SDCC. Probably somewhere out front during the show Thursday or Friday. I will let you know via Instagram when the book is being handed out.

- -- Also I have made up these Space Mummy resin figures to do some Figure Drops (Art Drops) during SDCC.
Again I will be letting you know during SDCC via Instagram when and where I'm hiding the figures for you to find.

- -- In addition to this stuff I'm working on the Cousin Harold webcomic each and everyday/ Plus putting in some work on the next Space Monstas comic. 

Hope you are out there creating also!

take care,

- denny

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