Sunday, July 16, 2017

SDCC is this Week!

Out here on the south side of Peoria it is still HOT! Good thing I'm heading out to San Diego on Wednesday.

I will not be tabling at SDCC this year. I'm a comic fan at heart and SDCC is the only show I attend as a fan. Last year I tried to table, but it just wasn't for me. With that said I will still be promoting my comic and resin figure work at the show this year with 2 special giveaways.
- -- First up is the Cousin Harold SDCC Special. This book is a collection of 3 of my favorite stories. I will be handing out copies of this book outside the convention center on Friday (Probably in the morning hours. Check my Instagram for more info on Saturday morning.
- -- Second up is the Space Mummy Figure Drop figure.
I will be hiding these figures around San Diego as I travel. Both inside and outside the convention. I will be sharing hints on Instagram about where to find them. Also I will be hiding 2 in Arizona before I leave.
- -- Wrapped up production of the Space Mumm (Black Matter Variant). This figure came out of my greatest discovery from earlier this year, photocopying on black paper. This figures will be in my online shop by the end of the day Sunday - $40 each.
- -- I'm wrapping up production on Zack Zombie and the Invisible Astronaut. Trying something new here, the Invisible Astronaut will be available for FREE with the purchase of 3 Space Monsta Figures or for purchase. Hoping to having these finished by the end of July.

Okay that is all for this week.

Take Care,

- denny

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