Sunday, February 7, 2021

A NEW Project

 I always have various things in my head that I want to do and I'm usually not sure how they will fit together. Most of the time I am still in need of something before I begin a project. Well thanks to Kerf Loss over on Instagram, I might have found the final piece to start my PILLOW FIGHTERS project.

Since I was a teenager (maybe even younger) I have had an idea of creating something in conjunction with pillow fighting. I always thought of them as fighter similar to professional wrestlers, but with pillows that they would club each other upside the head with. I have started several comics with this theme, but really have not gotten anywhere with them. I have wanted to make pillow fighter figures also, but I wanted them to be different than what I was making for Space Monstas. 

Enter Kerf Loss, who is curres currently sharing videos on Instagram where he is sculpting his own action figure with wax. I'm sure it is not an easy thing to do, but he makes it look easy. So after a couple a messages back and forth I designed the following.

Then I placed an order for some wax and sculpting tools. The plan is to sculpt a couple of base bodies and bootleg heads onto these bodies. Each figure will also come with it's own cloth pillow. I have plans to create some unique packaging for these figures. Further plans would be in attempting to get some friends to create their own versions. But I'm really getting ahead of myself here. I first need to sculpt a body that I'm happy with.

So wish me Luck!

I will keep you updated.


Side Note - something that I did not notice until I posted these pictures is that both of these drawings move up as you scroll across the paper. I know in handwriting that is a sign of optimism. The girl figure does this way more than the boy figure. Hmm?

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