Sunday, November 13, 2016


Out here on the west side of town, also known as the south side of Peoria, I sit creating comics almost daily. However lately I have been in a funk. I don't want this to be a downer post, but it just might be (sorry ahead of time).
- -- Convention season is drawing to a close. I have one more show that I'm going to as a fan, but I'm done tabling for the year. I have a great time going to all these shows and talking comics with people. But as I look back at this year, I'm a little disappointed. I make comics, that is what I want to make, nothing more and nothing less. This year though it seemed people did not want comics. I had moved the smallest amount of comics since I started making book again 8 years ago. Not sure what has changed, but something has. I do not make comics to make money with my comics (just break even at shows), I make comics because I love them and have to, to help me stay sane. So now it's time to come up with some new ideas of how to get the stories I create into people's hands, for them to enjoy. I have a few ideas. (That's wasn't as bad as I was expecting.)
A big plus at the last show I did was that a few seasoned professionals had some nice things to say about my work and even bought a couple books. This gives me some hope for the future and makes me want to push forward. Also I won a little award at the Constant Con awards during the Tucson Comic Con, no matter how silly it might seem, this award meant a lot to me.
- -- Right now I'm wrapping up the first Space Monstas comic book. I have about 2 pages to draw and some letting, then all the design work then the book will be done. I'm planning on printing it Golden Age comic size. Planning a Kickstarter for early 2017. Super excited about the future of these characters. (Above is an unlettered page from the back-up story for this issue.

- -- I will also be putting the finishing touches on Cousin Harold 11. Also hard at work on Cousin Harold 12 (big changes planned for Harold and friends starting with this issues and the 2017 webcomic).

- -- Oh and I plan on starting Jenny Spookawski Loves History the first weekend of December. This is a story that I did layouts for over a year ago and just have not been able to schedule the time to work on it.

- -- Finding the energy to work on these project has been rough due to the lack of interest at conventions. Some how though I keep moving and creating. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have to for my own sanity.
- -- Comic of the week, Mother Panic #1 - WOW! DC's Young Animal imprint is GOOD! All of these books have been excellent. I suggest you check them out. You do not have to read them all, but you might want to. I know I do.

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