Sunday, June 11, 2017

Stay TRUE to You!

Things have been moving at a slow pace out here on the south side of Peoria, Arizona. Although things are happening and plans are being made well into 2018 already.

This week I realized something. It is something that I have always known, something that I always say, but still I found myself working against these core beliefs. Let's rewind a little...

People know how I feel about prints, - "You do not own that character, so why are you trying to make money off of it?" "Why not just do your own thing instead of Deadpool prints?" These are things I have said over and over, but yet I found myself in a small catch-22.

A year ago I started to make bootleg figures. Although my original figures just used parts of other figures and were modified to look like my characters. It wasn't going to be long before I was purely bootlegging.
A couple of weeks ago I shared the above picture on Instagram and talked about my secret project that I was working in. That secret project was going to be my first mash-up bootleg figure. The Picachewie, pictured below.
I thought it was an awesome idea. Everyone loves Picachu and everyone loves Chewbacca, I would sell them all without a problem. This might be true, but there was still a problem - I was really not interested in doing this figure. The whole time I was molding and pulling figures, I could not wait to be done and get back to making Space Monstas figures. 

So I scraped it.

Through trying to make this figure, I rediscovered why I make figures, comics, trading cards, t-shirt, etc. - - - I make them for ME! I'm glad that people enjoy my work, but I make the work for me first. And I believe that is why people enjoy my work, because I enjoy it and I'm passionate about it.

Not sure if all that make sense, I could go on an on about some things here, but I wanted to make it quick this week so I can finish molding the newest addition to the Space Monstas Universe, the Invisible Astronaut.
The picture above is a sneak of the body for this figure. I have something really special planned with this guy. He is not one of the original 7 figures I created for the Space Monstas Universe and was not going to get to him for a while, but then it hit me, the perfect way to add him into the universe. Hope to share more about this plan next week.

Take Care,

- denny

PS. If you check my Instagram, you will see a picture of a Pink Wookiee or Pookiee (as I call him) I'm still making this figure, but it probably will never be for sale. It is a gift for my friend Gary, who dresses up as a pink wookiee for conventions.

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