Sunday, June 19, 2016

Publisher Hat On

Well it is HOT on the west side of town today 120+ HOT. Good thing I'm inside typing up this newsletter post.
- --This week has been about the Comics Never Stop paper. Strips were due last week and as usual we had some no shows. So I found some people to to those peoples spots and strips are rolling in. Also one of the advertisers did not come through (probably because they were tied to one of the strips that did not arrive). So lots of scrabbling is going on this week. Still a little was from being ready to send it off to the printers, but this volume of the paper looks great. (I will be sharing the title panels of a few of the strips throughout this post).
- -- I spent my week working on the Cousin Harold strip for the paper. This strip was based on a mistake image that I create din Illustrator a couple of years ago. I accidentally deleted everythins but Harold's eyes and nose and thought it looked cool. So I filled that image away in the back of my head and waited until I had a chance to use it.
- -- Switching to SDCC mode even though I have a couple weeks of summer school to teach I still have a comic to finish (Cousin Harold 10) and some special color ways of the Space Mummy resin Figure to make (the heart jems arrived yesterday).
- -- Comic of the week, Fantastic Four #99 by Lee and Kirby. I love these FF issues and I'm so glad my family takes me to the comic shop for my birthday and father's day to pick one out.
Okay until next week, take care of yourself and be nice to others - we are all in this together!


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